Libyan architect Nada Elfeituri believes that community involvement is key to creating a ‘renewed sense of public life’ in the country – something that she is putting into practice reconstructing a series of plazas in her hometown of Benghazi. Elfeituri is working with numerous organisations including UNESCO, World Monuments Fund and Architecture Sans Frontières. Cairo-based Shahira Fahmy is an architect, urbanist and researcher. She works between teaching and practice, taking a strong theoretical approach. In Henni’s practice, architecture extends to include both the content and practice of exhibition-making. Over the past 20 years, Moroccan architect and anthropologist Salima Naji has been working to rehabilitate and transform dilapidated traditional igoudars and ksours in southern Morocco. Naji hopes that through numerous, often small-scale interventions, she can ‘present a real alternative’ to the redevelopment of Morocco’s historic sites.