Students learn how two very different animals, mallard ducks and hip-pocket frogs, get the materials they need to live and grow from their environment. Students in the Mallard Duck group should receive a duck coloring page, and students in the Hip-Pocket Frog group should get a frog coloring page. Encourage students to color the animals in the style used by the illustrators of Just Ducks! and Hip-Pocket Papa. When the students’ environment paintings are dry, return them to their owners and guide the children in gluing their animal cutouts to their paintings. When the students have completed the activity, ask each child to dictate a sentence that explains what his or her picture represents. As students share their thoughts and rationale, their classmates should feel free to agree or disagree. In this lesson, students learned that mallard ducks and hip-pocket frogs depend on their environment to meet their needs and used a visual model to represent their new knowledge.