This chapter rests on the understanding that the human touch is still king, despite the inroads made by AI-driven interfaces. In the Age of AI, inundated with data and automated analytics, there's a common misconception that numbers can tell the whole story. While quantitative data is incredibly valuable, it doesn’t replace the qualitative human insight. Delving into the human psyche, understanding motives and values, and empathetically connecting to the emotional aspects of consumption are irreplaceable facets of positioning. The theoretical framework for positioning in the AI age is thus multidimensional. It combines an understanding of offerings, an empathetic insight into the human aspects of the market, an adaptable approach that evolves with changing dynamics, and a duality that navigates the virtual and the real. In an era where AI can speed up the development of competing products, companies must invest in continual innovation, brand-building, and community engagement to sustain their unique positioning.