Observation in the age of AI takes a new turn. It involves keenly understanding AI's operations and outcomes, questioning its decisions, and discerning any biases. When we integrate AI into our interpersonal dynamics, the result can be truly transformative. AI can analyse patterns, streamline communication, even predict behaviours, but the finesse of human interaction is the touchstone that forms genuine connections. The transformative potential of AI in enhancing productivity comes with this caveat – it requires the human element to act as the arbiter of truth and quality. The accuracy, integrity, and value of the work produced using AI as a tool are contingent upon human vigilance. AI holds transformative powers when applied judiciously in the service of human productivity. Yet, this very power is the two-edged sword that tempts us to bypass the journey in favour of the destination. This temptation is particularly acute because AI, in many instances, can simulate or approximate human-like outputs with astonishing speed.