This chapter attempts to discuss the transnational social field of the South Asian diaspora in Britain concerning various dimensions of transnationalism. It takes account of religious revival movements and ethno-religious organizations to elaborate on transnational links. The way links are maintained between homeland and host may have changed from the first generation to the third, but there is no denying the existence of strong links and movements of thought, culture, resources, etc. Transnationalism is discussed primarily in reference to transnational Islam. Transnational Islam pertaining to South Asian Muslims in the UK is discussed on the contours of religious revival movements and transnational public activism. Religious revival movements which emerged in South Asia and were reproduced in Britain act as means of maintaining transnational ties. Two movements in particular are considered, i.e., Tablighi Jama’at and Jamaat-e-Islami. Furthermore, the chapter includes a discussion of organizations that emphasize ethnic identity such as Brick Lane Circle and Indian Muslim Federation UK.