The Dravidians of Baluchistan (a vestige of whom survives in the Brahui linguistic island) and those of the Indus were the first to be submerged by the Aryan wave. Vedic literature mentions black men, the Dasyus or " brigands ", frequently transformed into devils by legend, whom the Indo-Europeans conquered. The latter brought various instruments of domination-a metal, which was iron, an animal, the helper of man in work and war, which was the horse, and, above all, aristocratic institutions favourable to hegemony, to which I have already alluded and about which I shall speak more fully. The destruction of the Dravidian civilization in the East seems to have formed a pendant to the destruction of the A!:gean civilization, also by Indo-Europeans, in the West. It was not complete destruction, and doubtless it allowed much of importance to survive.