Oxford being examined reveal that the matter arose concerning enclosures, for many in those parts have enclosed the common fields. One of them having complained to his fellow how hardly he maintained his wife and seven children with bread and water this hard year, the other made answer, ' Care not for work, for we shall have a merrier world shortly : there be lusty fellows abroad and I will get more, and I will work one day and play the other.' Saying also that there was once a rising at Enslow Hill when they were entreated to go down, and after hanged like dogs, but now would they never yield but go through with it. Servants were so held in and kept like dogs that they would be ready to cut their masters' throats. There was a mason in those parts who could make balls of wildfire and had a sling to fling the same whereby he could fire houses as occasion served. When they had risen they would go to my Lord Norris's in Ricott and get wine and beer, and take two of his brass ordnance and set them upon coach wheels and so proceed.