Manu’s account of domestic rites is based on the accounts of the old Sûtrakâras, and the same rites are described. The Jâtakarman must be performed immediately after the birth of a child, and before the navel-string is cut. On the tenth or twelfth day after birth, or on a lucky day, in a lucky muhûrta, under an auspicious constellation, the Nâmadheya rite should be performed, and the child should be named. In the fourth month, the Nishkramana should be done, and the child taken out of the house, and in the sixth month the child should have his Annaprâsana or first meal of rice. The Upanayana or initiation should be performed in tlie eighth year for a Brâhman, in the eleventh for a Kshatriya, and in the twelfth for a Vaisya ; and then the boy, invested with the holy thread, is to be made over to his instructor.