So far, this book has attempted to define fashion and clothing and has tried to explain the different functions of fashion and clothing. Fashion and clothing have been explained as cultural phenomena, and as communicative phenomena and the ways in which different types or levels of meanings are generated and communicated by means of fashion and clothing have been examined. The next two chapters will consider fashion and clothing from the perspective of or in terms of class and gender. Beginning from the Marxist schema employed by Larrain (Larrain 1979: 44), and the examples of jeans and men’s suits, the present chapter will consider fashion and clothing as reproductive practice, as activities which construct and reproduce existing class and gender identities. It will consider them as ways of constructing and reproducing people’s circumstances. Chapter six will consider fashion and clothing as revolutionary practice, as activities which contest or critique those identities. It will consider fashion and clothing as ways of transforming people’s circumstances, as activities which aim at transforming those circumstances.