By his countenance he seemed like a man of courage and ingenuity, and so I could not choose but endeavour his relief. Wherefore I accoded him, pretending I had seen him somewhere, but could not for the present call to mind the place. His necessity made him assent to whatever I said; and desiring his company to an ale-house, he readily granted my requed. By what unhappy accident he became thus miserable, I know not, but the man was well furnished both with natural and acquired parts. Having had various discourses of several matters, and that we began to be familiarly acquainted, I asked him why he wrapped himself up so close in his cloak ? 4 O Sir,' said he, 4 to be plain, I have a maimed doublet, and I have heard some say, there is nothing more prejudicial to a wound than the intromission of air.' 4 Which that network garment of yours,' said I, . will never be able to keep out.' He replied, . 'Tis true, Sir, I find it so, but I wish it were a net, for then I might employ myself by fishing.'