Class struggle is alive and well, highly apparent in the circuits of symbolic distribution, as this book has sho\vn. In fact class is so ubiquitous, one wonders lvhy all the energy anxiety and aggressive denial is put into proving that the working-class either does not exist 01; if it does, is worthless. \\'hy is so much time and effort put into discrediting those whose access to polver is so highly restricted? \\'hy do academics, politicians and media producers continually euphemize the lvorkingclass, lvhilst simultaneously reproducing middle-class experience as universal, through their o\vn perspectives? Class struggle is not just about collective action, for lvhen are we a\vare of physically encountering a class? But it is also about the positioning, judgements and relations that are entered into on a daily and personal basis. Living class, lvhich I'd argue is different &om class-consciousness,' is vei-). much part of ho\v class is made.