This chapter begins to anslver this question by providing an analysis of ho\v and lvhy class is being refigured in academic discourse, in order to sho\v ho\v and whose agendas are being set and lvho is being obliterated from history. The argument is ultimately about agenda setting and po\ver; that is, authorizing lvho is authorized to knoll.; to speak and to be. In other lvords, it is about how systems of kno\vledge, inscription and representation enable some things to be knolvn and perspectives taken, lvhilst other things and perspectives are made invisible, irrelevant and lacking in importance. In this sense, the forms of kno\vledge that are made available to us offer the potential for reading and knolving ourselves and others. This chapter sho\vs ho\v the legacies of the classed self, perspective, exclusion and value are intei~voven and reproduced in the present.