Ciskei (Cape), made up of several regions covering about 3,000 square miles in native occupation, in which the important districts of Glen Grey, Herschel, and the Kingwilllamstown area are included; several scattered regions in the Transvaal, covering about 3,800 " scheduled" square miles, the most important being the Rustenburg and Lydenburg distriCts; and several scattered regions in Natal covering about 3,800 "scheduled" square miles.' The source of labour supply extends beyond the area of the Union. A changing personnel of over 100,000 natives from external regions is normally working in the Union, principally in the mines. Mozambique and the Protectorate of Basutoland provide most, the Protectorates of Swaziland and Bechuanaland contributing a small proportion. The three native Protectorates have an aggregate native population of about 800,000. Northern and Southern Rhodesia and other parts of British South Africa to the north also possess Bantu populations whose existence has a close relevance to the Union's affairs,although they do not directly affeCt her labour supply.