Adamu Jenitongo shook Bashiru's hand and said, ''A rna ye. A rna ye;' ("may it cool down, may it cool down:' he says, to ask the spirit to settle into the body of its medium.)

"I heard him;' said Adamu Jenitongo. "He was angry today:' Bashiru stopped his double-time march motion and wagged his finger

at the rest of us. "He was angry today. Our father was angry. Be wary of him. Make him an offering. Dance for him. My father is very, very mean. You must beware. You must not bicker or debate. You must act now if you want rain, if you want food, if you want your young children to live:'

Bashiru balanced himself on one foot and saluted for what must have been two minutes. Stiff-legged, he marched to us and shook our hands. "I must go back to Malia;' the name the Hauka give to their home, the Red Sea. A shudder pulsed through Bashiru's body as he flew through the air and landed on his back, splattering the mud.