Qaidu (Haidu) was born circa 1235-36,1 the son of Ogodei's fifth son Qashi (Heshi) and Sebkine of the Bekrin, a tribe that dwelt in the mountains near Uighuria, but which was neither Uighur nor Mongoi.l Qashi, the youngest son of Ogodei by his chief wife, Toregena, was named after the land of the Tanguts (Chinese: Hexi) to which Chinggis had led a victorious campaign just before his birth. It may thus be concluded that he was born circa 1210.3 Xu Ting, a Chinese traveller who visited Qara Qorum in the year 1235, indicates that Ogodei viewed Qashi as his heir.4 Yet Qashi died of drink in Khurasan at an early age/ soon after Xu Ting's visit.