I have always remembered how insufficient it is to praise in words God on high. How inappropriate it is for us, living beings in our idleness, to reach out to any thing divine or to talk about divine revelations. The words of our mind would

not suffice and our language would not express the heartrending words of the much-troubled world. Why do men take the liberty of talking about the Supreme without the fear that this boldness and impertinence could risk His wrath and jealousy? It is better to live one's life in silence, than to be like me, the unworthy Monk Timothy of Jerusalem, for I have so daringly and unhesitatingly started to interpret God's Words, only because of the love for the brotherhood and loyalty of my fellow-countrymen, and because they have forgotten that they once possessed these holy places. What has happened to Georgian Kings, who had once possessed Jerusalem and Palestine, and whose relatives in Georgia had been supreme and powerful. Now they are so much weakened that, at least in our vicinity, those who have any slight influence do not take even the trouble to talk to us.