ETS continues its work in producing and marking tests for a large range of disciplines at all levels of education from early childhood through scholastic aptitude tests to postgraduate professional certification. Tests available from ETS for specific use in higher education include:

• Academic Profile for assessing general education • Major Field Tests for assessment in the major • Goals Inventories for institutional planning • Program Self-assessment Service for program and department

reViews • Student Instructional Report for faculty development and

In 1990, 16 Major Field Achievement Tests were available, covering the fields of biology, business, chemistry, computer science, economics, education, engineering, geology, history, literature in English, mathematics, music, physics, political science, psychology and sociology (ETS, 1990). These are all objective tests using multiple-choice questions and designed to be completed in two hours and according to ETS 'are valid, reliable measures of student outcomes; have national comparative data for each test, can be administered at the institution's or department's convenience, and can include an option for adding locally written questions for any test' (ETS, 1990). ETS also makes the following claims:

The content specifications for the Major Field Achievement Tests reflect the basic knowledge and understanding gained in the undergraduate curriculum. The tests have been designed to assess mastery of concepts, principles and knowledge expected of students at the conclusion of a major in specific areas.