There should be actions on behalf of the value, belief, or sentiment - actions which by their very nature imply a commitment. For example, as a consequence of the social studies objective 'Identification with a current social problem', one student volunteers to assist a juvenile-delinquent group worker in a neighbourhood community center and devotes every Saturday during the school year to his work, while another student becomes interested in capital punishment and reads widely on the subject, attends lectures and public meetings, and talks with public officials and criminologists. (p. 150)

Perceptual abilities Harrow describes four types of discrimination - kinaesthetic, visual, auditory and tactile - and adds a fifth sub-category which she describes as coordinated activities (eg eye-hand or eye-foot coordination). It is not difficult to imagine how these abilities need to be developed to high levels of sensitivity in sports psychology, the training of air pilots, musical performance, and craft work, to give a few examples from some of the newer disciplines in higher education.