Shared st ruc ture has no special status in AVP when it comes to its resist an ce to destructive change . No structure can become unassociated once we have positively determined that it is associated. Declaratively speaking, if we know a representation involves sharing , we cannot 'unknow' it . A true geminat e is subsumed by (is more specific than) a fake geminate, and in AVP we can only ever move to a mor e specific description. It follows that if structure is shared it cannot become un-shared,

The Sharing Constraint demands th at structure can only be shared by adjacent paths. If th ere is pressure to insert material into such a configuration th e Sharing Constraint demands some act ion be taken to satisfy it, but whatever happens , the epenthetic material cannot be accommodated by th e bre akin g of associations. This is the account of geminate integrity in a nutshell.