The following questions are suggested for discussion (Bowen and Costello 1997b, p. 12):

• What sort of things should Leo be taught at lion school? • Why did Leo’s mother not allow Leo to join his friends? • Why did Leo not reply to Paul and Percy? Should he have done so? • Why did Roberto suggest that Leo and he go to the front of the queue? Should

they have done so? • What do you think about the idea of a circus that only contains humans? • Why does the sign say: ‘No feeding the humans?’ • Should Harriet the hyena have laughed when one of the girls fell from the

wooden beam? Could Harriet help laughing? • Why were the six humans dressed in their best clothes? • Why does Leo think the circus is cruel? • Are the humans being well looked after as Leo’s father suggests? • Is performing in a circus preferable to living in the wild?