Henri Bergson's own solution of the mind-body problem was formulated in 1896 in his book Matter and Memory and in some additional details elaborated in the essays included later in the book Mind Energy and The Creative Mind. His Creative Evolution, published about a decade after Matiere et memoire in 1907 was really an extension and application of his solution to the problem of the relation of life and matter in general. Neither the general character nor the specific details of Bergson's philosophy can be properly understood without a thorough understanding of his proposed solution of the psychophysical problem. The complexity of the mind-body problem is due to the fact that it can be fruitfully approached only from several different, though correlated, directions: via introspective psychology for without introspection no mental qualia can be obtained; via neurophysiology without which the mind-body problem, or, more specifically, the mind-brain problem would not exist.