Sir Thomas Beecham was one of this century's most influential musicians. His inspiration was felt internationally, but particularly in Britain where he revolutionised standards and attitudes in the orchestra and opera house, profoundly affecting public taste and expectations in performance. The author of this memoir played for Sir Thomas regularly in the clarinet sections of the London Philharmonic orchestra (LPO) and Royal Philharmonic Orchestras (RPO) from the time this remarkable conductor returned to his old orchestra in 1944. Wonderful records Beecham had made with the London Philharmonic Orchestra between 1932 and 1939. Whilst Beecham was in the Americas the LPO had become self-managed, electing its own Directors from the members of the orchestra. After about a year Tommy and the LPO parted company. In 1946, he formed his last great orchestra, the Royal Philharmonic, with whom he was to have a long and successful relationship until his death in 1961.