In 1965 Igor Stravinsky made his last appearance in Britain conducting his Firebird Suite, in the 1945 version. The orchestra was the New Philharmonia. Between 1964 and 1977 the Philharmonia Orchestra was called the New Philharmonia Orchestra. Although Stravinsky had conducted in the United Kingdom a number of times, this performance received a public ovation of exceptional intensity, as can be heard and seen on the video archive-recording of the event at the MPRC Listening Studio. Monteux's long association with Stravinsky was celebrated at a concert given by the London Symphony Orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall on the 29th May 1963. On that date, exactly 50 years previously, Monteux had conducted the first performance of Sacre. In 1913 the work created a scandale; the audience was so inflamed and noisy that Nijinsky had been obliged to stand on a chair at the side of the stage and shout out the numbers to the dancers.