In the early 1980s the music industry recognised that a centralised recordings information service was required. By 1986 The Mechanical Copyright Protection Society Limited (MCPS) and the National Sound Archive (NSA) came together to form the National Discography. The National Discography is a wholly owned subsidiary of the MCPS. The National Sound Archive as well as many others now uses the Discography on a regular basis. The core of MCPS's activities is the licensing of its members' works for all mechanical reproductions, by record, video, broadcasting, and multi-media producers. MCPS is long-term aim to develop the database from its current role, containing data on all releases in the UK, to an international one, when it will house information on all releases in all major territories. The National Discography is at present involved in discussions with many organisations in the entertainment and cultural fields with a view to extending and making available a large amount of additional useful data.