Brigham Young University was a pioneer in the development of computer-based education, having been from 1972 to 1975 the courseware development site for the Time-shared, Interactive, Computer-Controlled, Information Television (TICCIT) system, a project funded by the National Science Foundation to investigate the use of mini-computer technology applied specifically to teaching (Merrill, Schneider & Fletcher 1980). From the early success of the Freshman English Grammar, Mechanics and Composition courseware developed during the original project, B Y U was soon developing C A L L grammar programs in E S L , French, German, Italian and Spanish (Bennion, Hendricks & Larson 1983). Beginning in 1983 with the successful integration of the T I C C I T comprehensive Spanish grammar courseware, the B Y U Spanish curriculum has benefitted from a broad range of C A L L and C A L T (Computer Assisted Language Testing) programs.