This chapter demonstrates Qutb 's use of one prophetic story 1 of the Qur 'an , that of Joseph, 2 to affirm his vision of the world and of the need for action. T h e Qur'anic Joseph story shares a number of details with the story found in the Old Testament. While Qutb refers to the Old Testament story, his main concern is with the lessons to be drawn from the Qur'anic story itself. As the Jews as a group are not mentioned in the Sura, Qutb 's treatment of them in his commentary on it is secondary. The commentary does however provide an opportunity to evaluate Qutb 's position on the Jews, the earlier scriptures, and the extra-Qur'anic stories (the Isra'iliyyat) that surround Joseph. It also demonstrates Qutb 's use of the story of a prophet shared with the Jewish and Christian traditions in support of his own modern and specifically Islamic agenda.