The behind-the-scenes dealings of Verdi and the Commissioners became widely known and affected reactions and reception of Inno delle nazioni. A broad-based communication network created international awareness of the matter and led to increased publicity and interest in the work. Given the aspirations of the new Italian nation, the long-time international prominence of Italian opera, and Verdi's prestige as a composer, the rejection of the Italian music expressly commissioned for the event was deemed particularly disgraceful, scandalous, and embarrassing. In the aftermath of the Inaugural Concert, the London press routinely discussed the omission of the work that was to represent Italy, including in their commentaries the tale of the work's genesis, references to Verdi's published letter, and reprimands of the Commissioners and Costa. Some commentators felt compelled to assure Verdi of the English people's esteem for him and his music and to demand from the Exhibition officials an apology.