This chapter demonstrates a broad range of musical approaches have been taken to the use and application of the guitar in music. Moreover, the mostly guitar-based music might usefully be distinguished or characterized by an appropriate term of reference: 'guitarscaping'. Guitarscaping often relies on the availability of multi-track recording devices. Acoustics like electrics, guitar draw on advanced technologies in their making and may well be supported by a range of 'gear' in performance. The percussive acoustic guitar techniques already discussed sometimes rely upon quite complex performance set-ups, with sound sensor plates, contact microphones and pick-ups attached to various parts of the inside of the guitar. Acoustic guitars continue to be used as the physical and musical basis for extended playing techniques, but their players also engage with amplification, effects and sound-processing devices of many kinds. The acoustic guitar is seen as the 'natural' relation to the electric guitar; they still share many fundamental features in common.