The account of Maxim Berezovsky's known compositions written in Italy is definitely a modest one and leaves plenty of room for other musical and/or non-musical occupations. While Dmitry Bortniansky arrived in Venice, the home town of his maitre Baldassare Galuppi, Berezovsky went to Bologna, to his maitre, Padre Martini. In Bortniansky's traditional biography his Italian period has been represented by the list of compositions he wrote under supervision of the venerable Galuppi, and on account of the cities he visited. Perhaps the lesson learned from Berezovsky saved the career of Bortniansky, who in the meanwhile had gained another two years to mature in Italy. Since the occupied Greeks, Albanians and Montenegrins were Russia's natural allies, Russia dispatched a fleet of warships to the eastern Mediterranean Sea to support the national liberation movements against Turkish rule. Tommaso Traetta's activity was probably subjected to close attention by both Berezovsky and Bortniansky.