Developing artists are more likely to believe that successful artists are gifted with reservoirs of vision and drive that propel them forward in their work. Process really is the product for the successful artist. In order to more fully understand not only how different artists work within a practice, but why they are continually drawn to do so, nine artists are profiled in a more in-depth way. These artists include Deborah Aschheim, David Bailin, Matthew Bourbon, Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann, Judy Millar, Wendy Red Star, Carlos Runcie Tanaka, Kate Vrijmoet, and Hector Zamora. These artists tend to simultaneously be involved in forms of play and curiosity, and yet see their work as having agency in the world, with an impact that is not limited to professional achievements. Mature artists are not interested in creating a practice that simply steals ideas off the web, or forfeits all decisions to a teacher/client/curator, or focuses on executing prescribed ideas.