This chapter offers various activities and assignments to help promote flourishing counselor dispositions within relationships. It offers a look at the "Pretzel as a Triple Parallel Process" model when considering CITs relationship and growth with Counselors in Training (CITs) Counselor Educator Supervisor (CES), and how it also impacts CITs clients. CITs program or agency may utilize a different counselor assessment tool or protocol; however, many of the core foundational skills and dispositions are likely to be similar. A counselor focuses or refocuses a client on the therapeutic goals set through their collaborative efforts. A counselor exercises accurate empathy and care; a counselor is present and open to the client and a counselor expresses appropriate respect and unconditional positive regard. The counselor responds to the client in an interchangeable manner so as not to add any depth or breadth of feelings to the client's experience but meets them exactly where they are at in their communication and conveyance of feelings.