This conclusion presents some closing thoughts on concepts discussed in the preceding chapters of this book. The book develops the potential of exciting new data on movement from the Aegean area by systematically re-evaluating influential models and encouraging specialists to reconsider/re-investigate existing assumptions. It argues the need to make this rewriting accessible and relevant to readers outside the specialist area of Aegean prehistory by providing a set of updated, positive, and well-reasoned models of movement and its impact. The book shows that how the changing scale and nature of movement allowed it to transform early Aegean societies in uneven ways. It highlights differences between 'episodic' movement and 'endemic' movement. The book suggests that we can make no valid generalisation about the structure of transformative 'movement' per se in Aegean history. Movement in the study region has increasingly been viewed in Mediterraneanist perspectives, stressing its long-term and endemic character, rather than its capacity for episodically transformative force.