Diasporic affect coalesces out of the appulse of landscape, political upheavals, migration, displacement and the psychological ramifications of loss. Tactile shock is one technique of diasporic affect whose implications for visual and sensorial modalities are far reaching. The affective realm of tactile shock is located in cognitive ontologies. Tanzania, February 5, 1967. The Arusha Declaration, party document of TANU, presents a utopic and locally derived blueprint for a human scale social revolution. Proclaiming freedom, unity and socialism, it articulates a historically new formula for social change and utopic physicality within the postcolonial state. The Kerala Kalamandalam of Dar es Salaam was one cultural organization geared toward consciously creating community and maintaining cultural connections with South India. The organization laboriously promoted the study of the Kerala language, Malayalam, and offered classes in cultural forms such as folk dancing and kalaripayyati along with musical instruction in Karnatic vocal training.