“Women’s Alcohol Abuse,” discusses beverage alcohol, generally purchased as beer (“brew”), wine (“vino”), and distilled spirits (“hard liquor”) by women of all ages across the U.S. Of concern are both the short- and long-term harmful effects associated with its use among women during the new millennium in the U.S. Surprising to some, alcohol abuse, as well as, other drug and substance abuse, reportedly are highest among women, who are college/university students, particularly those who belong to Greek Life sororities and reside in “Greek” housing on, or near, campus. In addition, to direct harmful effects, of increasing concern is the number of sexual assaults reported by co-eds that are associated with their binge drinking and their participation in “alcohol games.” Bisexual, lesbian, and trans women are another high-risk group. Sociocultural and other variables, such as the “lesbian bar scene,” may encourage and support alcohol, as well as other drug and substance abuse, among these women. In addition, the fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS), or the fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD), is covered in detail. Although FAS/FASD is completely preventable and its cause has been widely known for over 50 years, women continue to drink alcohol during pregnancy, regardless of risk for FAS/FASD.