The Soviet Constitution, the legal outcome of the dictatorship of the proletariat, is a destructive document in the USSR of today. In principle, all the inhabitants of the USSR who live by their labour without exploiting their fellow-workers are citizens, electors, or eligible for election; they have the right to express their opinions and to attend meetings. The population of the USSR is divided into two great categories, those who are members of the Party and those who belong to no party. The only legal party in the USSR is the Communist Party, the only legal opinion is that expressed by the Secretariat. No Communist political programme ever prescribed the suppression of rival workers' and peasants' parties, nor did it forbid divergencies of opinion in the Party. Party committees, Soviet, and Trades Unions, all competed with each other in oppressing the workers, violating the women, plundering the public funds, and behaving in a drunken, dissolute manner.