Socialism means the social regime immediately preceding the final stage in human development—Communism. Our generation, wrote Larin, who is not young in years though young in Bolshevism, can see Socialism with their own eyes. And they will not even contemplate for an instant the possibility that war, for example, may thwart the grandiose plan. Industrial development and Socialist progress are two distinct issues, but there is a definite connection between them, they may coalesce or diverge according to whether productive property is private or collectivised, or whether the social nature of the State is bourgeois or proletarian. The Soviet Government intends to establish Socialism by virtually abolishing this NEP and by eliminating Capitalist elements with the aid of police methods and administrative measures. Its Five-Year Plan is the expression of a new economic policy which the Communist opposition, grouped round Trotsky, lays claim to have inspired in general principles, if not to have been entirely responsible for its application.