In January 1941, the Kuomintang (KMT) forces surrounded and destroyed a column of 10,000 marchers from the Chinese communist party (CCP)-controlled New Fourth Army near Maolin, in Southern Anhui Province. In spring 1939, Guo Jian, an undercover communist women’s leader who led one of the Women’s Advisory Council (WAC) service groups in Hunan Province, was told by the WAC headquarters to take her group back to Chongqing. It becomes clear that the KMT women leaders and their communist colleagues in Chongqing had both blended their extensive social and political ties into an intelligence network, through which they were able to predict and prevent one another’s future moves. It was alleged that the CCP South Bureau organised Shen Zijiu’s transfer from Chongqing to the base of the New Fourth Army and then to Singapore by way of Hong Kong. Singapore failed to provide the newly married couple with a shelter against the extended wars, terror, and turmoil.