The township of Baratha is celebrated for its mosque, which to the Shiahs is a much venerated shrine. The Muhawwal Road, after leaving the Kunasah Cemetery and passing Baratha, came on to the town of Muhawwal, and the only places mentioned here as lying along the highroad are the Tanners' Yards, which on the further side stretched down to the Isa Canal. The name of Muhawwal, askasready mentioned, signified the Place of Unloading, the cargoes of boats that came down the Kasr Isa being here disembarked for subsequent transport into Baghdad. To complete the survey of Western Baghdad, some account remains to be given of the graveyards which lay on the river bank above the northern suburbs, in which the shrines of the Kazimayn, still existing, mark the site of the older Cemetery of the Kuraysh, so named after the celebrated Arab tribe from which the Prophet and the Abbasids alike traced their descent.