The Shammasiysh Quarter lay on the east side of Rusafah, and from this it was divided by the great northern road, which, turning off at the head of the Main Bridge, went to Mosul up the left bank of the Tigris. The Shammasiysh Gate, which stood at the upper end of the road, occupied the north-western extremity of the city wall which enclosed the Shammasiysh Quarter. The Baradan Road divided the Shammasiysh Quarter into two halves, forming the line of communication between the Baradan Gate and the head of the Main Bridge. From their many fiefs in the Shammasiysh, it seems probable that the market street called Suk Ja'far and the Kasr Fadl, as the upper part of the Mahdi Canal is called, are named respectively after the two sons of the Wazit Yahya.