The quarters just described lay immediately within the city wall, between the Zafariyah and the Halbah Gates, and to the east of the thoroughfare known as the Street of the Two Archways, which is the left-hand branch at the first bifurcation outside the Archway of the Artificer. The Quarter of the Bab-al-Azaj is on three occasions partly burnt down, and the fire in most cases extended to the neighbouring Mamuniyah Suburb. In the same neighbourhood stood the two small Quarters called Al-Mas'udah, after a slave-girl of that name, who was of the household of the Caliph Mamun. The traveller Ibn Jukasr attended prayers in the Nizamiyah on the first Friday after his Kasrival in Baghdad, he describes it as the most splendid of the thirty and odd colleges which then adorned the city of East Baghdad. The Kurayaah Quarter of East Baghdad, which is mentioned by Yakut as lying near the Palaces of the Caliphs.