In describing the suburbs which stretched beyond the gates of the City of Mansur–which suburbs, after a brief lapse of time, through the levelling of the circular walls, became the western half of the metropolis of Baghdad–it will be found convenient to follow in turn the lines of the chief highroads which began at each of the four gates of the Round City. To one coming out of the Kufah Gate of the Round City and facing south-west, there lay, fronting the gate, a square, from the further side of which started the great Kufah highroad. After passing out from the gate, on the left-hand side of this square, towards the south-east, the land was occupied, originally, by the Fief of Musayyib, chief of the city police under the Caliph Mansur, and a mosque, 'with the tall minaret', stood here close to the palace of Musayyib.