The actual point of junction of the Tabik with the Isa Canal is marked by the Myrtle Wharf, which doubtless formed the northern strand of the Fardah, or Lower Harbour, where the Isa Canal disembogued into the Tigris. The Kurayyah is the lowest, of the suburbs of Karkh laid on the Tigris bank, and it communicated directly with the City of Mansur by the highroad of the Basrah Gate. Between the HKasrani Archway and the New Bridge over the Sarat Canal at the Basrah Gate the highroad traversed the parcel of land originally granted in fief to Waddah by the Caliph Mansur. From the HKasrani Archway up to the New Bridge over the Sarat Canal both sides of the roadway are occupied by the shops of the papersellers and booksellers, whose market is in this quarter, as also on the bridge itself; and this market is called after them the Suk-al-Kasrakin, more than one hundred booksellers' shops being found here.