Odessa is in the Ukraine, which is the principal State of the Union next to Russia proper. There is a secessionist movement in the Ukraine which has, so far, been successfully kept under. Besides those who support the present régime, there are a few who favour a Union with Poland and a larger number who would like to see an independent Ukraine including the Ukrainian districts now under Polish rule. Two hundred miles South-West of Kharkov is "Dnieperstroi", the colossal hydro-electric power station which is to revolutionize industrial conditions over a large part of the eastern Ukraine. Kiev, the old capital of the Ukraine, is one of the few Russian provincial cities with an historical atmosphere. The Eastern shore of the Black Sea, between Sukhum and Tuapse, is one of the great playgrounds of Russia. A regular service of steamers plies all round the Black Sea coast from Batoum to Odessa, a journey of about four days.