This chapter discusses the economic question on Bolshevist policy and deals specially with three divisions of it, viz. the industrial system, trade, and agriculture. To begin with, Russian industry had the advantage of a handicap very greatly in its favour, and one which, during the last few years, must have lightened its task to a very high degree. In the Federal Soviet Congress in the spring of 1925 a speaker, taking part in the discussion on Russian industry, said that in his "capacity as peasant" he was anxious to hear why the State-aided industry should always work at a loss and how long the peasants would have to keep on propping up industry. Meantime, it is not only the management that is at fault; the most serious impediment to the creation of a prosperous Russian industry comes from the workers. The idea, given to them by Bolshevism, of their rights and duties makes normal industrial activity extraordinarily difficult.