In this chapter, the authors aim to consider what happens when 'new' digital technologies find their way into classrooms. They describe the use of 3D printers in Lakeside's 'Design and Technology' department. The authors also aim to consider the popularity of free-to-use 'quiz apps' in Middleborough. They discuss the adoption of a 'learning management app' by teachers in Mountview. The authors examine the extent to which these technologies actually represent 'new' and/or 'innovative' forms of education. During the mid-2010s, the emergence of relatively inexpensive 3D printers was prompting an influx of fabrication and 'maker' technologies into libraries, museums and 'early adopting' schools. Given its legacy as an 'iPad school', Middleborough had an established culture of using classroom apps. Schoology was a cloud-based platform designed for teachers in schools and universities to create manage and share resources. For a variety of reasons, most teachers using Schoology welcomed it as time-saving resource.