In this chapter, the authors explore the 'digital' shifts and realignments that were affecting teacher work in Mountview, Lakeside and Middleborough. They examine the labour processes involved in teachers' uses of digital technologies – unpacking the conditions, constraints and opportunities of teachers' technology-based work. The authors also explore how digital technologies were implicit in structuring teachers' work and their schools as workplaces. Teachers' work is subject to heightened levels of accountability, often in the form of target-setting, auditing and scrutiny from school managers, government agencies and 'end users' such as parents and students. Digital technology was an integral part of teachers' work in Lakeside, Middleborough and Mountview. Some staff clearly valued occasions when they could indulge in personal uses of technology while in school. Digital technology was being used in ways that perpetuated informational, communicative and managerial practices that were well established within the organizational cultures of Lakeside, Middleborough and Mountview.