This chapter aims to give full attention to students' experiences of digital technology in school. It draws on observations, field notes, informal conversations, group discussions and interviews in Mountview, Lakeside and Middleborough schools. Students' meaning-making is an integral aspect of the social construction of digital technology across the three schools. All the schools had extensive technology-related policies, protocols, rules and regulations. An air of pragmatism, ambivalence and compromise was certainly evident throughout students' 'academic' uses of technology. Students' academic uses of digital technology seem shaped by the school and classroom contexts within which students are situated. School regulation of student technology use was certainly a site of struggle, but in a very low-key and low-stakes fashion. Student perspectives often draw attention to the contested and conflicting nature of technology use in schools. The chapter finds students to be 'getting on with' technology in Mountview, Lakeside and Middleborough, albeit in sometimes trying conditions.