The Story of Akhikar is a folklore tale of immense antiquity popular in many Eastern countries. In the reign of Sennacherib, king of Assyria, the affairs of state were conducted by his vizier Akhikar, a man of great wisdom, sagacity, and learning. In solemnization of his imminent death a vast funeral feast was prepared for all the relatives of him, and a special banquet for the man who was detailed to kill him. He was concealed by his wife in an underground hiding-place beneath the threshold of the door of his house. He returned in triumph to Assyria, and was received by Sennacherib with great demonstrations of joy, and loaded with presents. The concluding moral uttered by him proclaims that 'to him that doeth good, good shall be recompensed, and he that diggeth a pit for his neighbour shall fall into it himself'.