Chapter 2 links the concept of ‘places of memory’ with authors whose views anchor them in the present (Lefebvre 1991; Urry 1990, 1995, 2002). The chapter also contains a literature review related to the main theoretical issues discussed in the book: heritage commodification and authenticity in the context of heritage industry. The definition of heritage authenticity used here originates with Gregory Ashworth and Peter Howard (1999) and was chosen over other definitions because of its correspondence to principles adopted by the heritage authorities in charge of the Petit Trianon’s interpretation and its 2008 restoration. The literature review concerning the heritage industry is supported by the book’s research: fieldwork evidence and observations concerning the perception of authenticity by the majority of visitors at the Petit Trianon. Last, but not least, the chapter includes an overview of a range of sites aimed at tourist consumption, an overview essential to completing the picture of the status reserved today for ‘places of memory’ such as the Petit Trianon.