The antagonism of the Arabs to the Turks is expressed in proverbs and legends. It is not impossible that the reference of the saying to the Habash is its original form, which was later, with the help of the etymological resemblance, transferred to Turks. The connection of the name with the verb taraka was in later times easily developed in puns. Muhadhdhab al-Din Abu'l-Faraj al-Mawsili in Emesa says in a poem about an Egyptian vizier: A-amdahul-Turka abghi'l-fadla Hndahumu'. wal-shVru ma zala Hndal-Turki matruka. It must, however, be considered that most of the current Arabic sayings about and against the Turks refer not to the older time of Turkish supremacy over the Arabs, of which there is question in the text, but to conditions due to the Mongol invasion under Hulagu and to Ottoman rule as it developed later. The proverb Zulm al-Turk wa-ld-adl al- "Arab, 'better Turkish injustice than Arab justice' probably came into being in later times.